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Stretch film

Stretch films

The classic film

Our stretch films offer consistently quality and will safeguard your products to optimum effect during delivery. You can choose from our wide selection! Transparent films allow you to see the contents of a consignment at a glance. Coloured films on the other hand protect consignments from light as well as prying eyes, and thus also from theft.

Film thicknesses: from 12 to 50 µm (= 1,000th mm!)

Roll lengths: 150 to 3,000 m

Film widths: 50 to 1,500 mm

Forms: machine, manual and narrow-width rolls

Film adhesion: adhesive on one or both sides

Colours: The standard colours are clear-transparent, white opaque and black opaque. Other options: red, yellow, green, blue – transparent or opaque. You can select the colour intensity yourself.

Extra features: macroperforation, also with reinforcement; printing according to customer specifications is possible

Applications: protection of goods in transit, parcel packaging etc.

Transparent stretch film.

White-opaque stretch film.

Black-opaque stretch film.

Blue-opaque stretch film.

Blue-transparent stretch film.

Red-opaque stretch film.

Red-transparent stretch film.

Green-transparent stretch film.

Pink-opaque stretch film.

Stretch film with macroperforation.

Macroperforation with reinforcement.