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Variety: "Stabilofilm®" from B. Lotz

Variety: "Stabilofilm®" from B. Lotz.


Greater safety: prestretched stretch film

"Stabilofilm®": exclusive to B. Lotz

"Stabilofilm®": exclusive to B. Lotz.

Greater safety: "Stabilofilm®". Transparent version shown here

Greater safety: "Stabilofilm®". Transparent version shown here.

Exclusive to B. Lotz: prestretched "Stabilofilm®" stretch film provides your transported goods with particularly reliable protection. Prestretching with the latest technology results in greater restoring forces with Stabilofilm® than for conventional stretch films, thus guaranteeing you outstanding levels of transport safety. In addition, you will reduce your film consumption with Stabilofilm®!

"Stabilofilm®" – The benefits for you:

  • Greater transport safety as the film cannot stretch any further.
  • Marked price advantage compared with conventional films.
  • Simple and economical handling thanks to the outstanding processing characteristics of the film.
  • Time saving during stretching.
  • Lower disposal costs due to major reduction in weight of film.

Film thicknesses: 6 to 11 µm

Roll lengths: manual rolls 300 to 700 m, machine rolls 1,000 to 5,000 m

Film width: approx. 440 mm

Forms: manual rolls and machine rolls

Film adhesion: adhesive on one or both sides

Colours: standard transparent, white and black

Extra features: macroperforation, also with reinforcement

Application: protection of goods in transit