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Efficient service to ensure your success

We’ll get you ahead!

With our films you can package and dispatch your products with an even greater orientation towards success. Besides our high-performance packaging films we also offer efficient service:

Consulting about films
Our staff will be delighted to advise, informing you what you can expect from our films and which quality would best suit your products and requirements. In addition, we will show you how you can cut costs with our innovative products. We would also be happy to discuss our solutions with you at your company.

Consulting about stretch systems
Before buying a stretch system, let us advise you of the criteria you should take into account to keep the consequential costs of film consumption as low as possible.

Test rolls
We would be pleased to provide you with test rolls or to arrange for a member of our field sales team to perform a film test together with you.

Measurement of transport safety
Would you like to find out about your current level of transport safety (restoring forces of film in kilogrammes)? Wouldn't you like to test a new film not just by discovering during shipment whether it is sufficiently stable? Then speak to us! We will provide you with measurable results for your planning.

Custom-made films
Do you need a customised packaging film? From a minimum quantity onwards, we can supply you with a quality tailored to your requirements!

Flexible solutions in emergencies
Have you unexpectedly received a large order and urgently need packaging films? Thanks to the extensive product range we stock, the commitment of our team and reliable forwarding agents we can also find an immediate solution in such emergencies.